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Protective gas hardening increases the strength, toughness as well as the hardness of parts. Hardening occurs under protective gas to prevent damage to the surface of the steel workpieces caused by any oxidation. Normally, the parts are quenched in liquid mediums (e.g. oil). The ensuing tempering achieves the required hardness consequently increasing the durability and service life of your parts.




- high level of hardness and strength

- high level of toughness

- high process safety

- reproducible results




QUENCHING STEELS e.g. 1.6582 / 1.7225 / 1.8159

COLD WORK STEELS e.g. 1.2842 / 1.2826 / 1.2210

ROLLER BEARING STEELS e.g. 1.2067 / 1.3505 / 1.3536