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The acronym PVD in PVD coatings stands for Physical Vapour Deposition, a process that is applied to vaporise the material, which is referred to as the target, by means of laser beams, magnetically deflected ions or electrons (sputters) as well as by arc discharge deposition (arc discharge method).


Arc vapour deposition and sputtering involving different materials as part of the PVD technique result in surfaces that offer outstanding qualities and impressive colours. Depending on the composition of the reactive gas, the produced PVD coatings are layers of nitride and carbide or blends thereof, which provide excellent resistance to scratches and wear aside from being exceedingly hard (>2,000HV).




- Boost in service life

- Minimised abrasive and adhesive wear

- Improved tribological properties

- Reduction in lubricant consumption possible

- exceptional surface protection

- Biocompatibility (food-safe)

- low treatment temperatures




In most cases, the application of a PVD coating must be preceded by a heat treatment of your parts.


It will be our pleasure to help you find the heat treatment, type of coating and material selection that will fit your applications best.


PVD coatings are applied primarily in the sectors of forming, stamping, fine blanking, machining, precision parts, tools as well as medical instruments and components. The size of the workpieces we coat range from micro (2/10 mm) to Ø 500 mm. Apart from offering our standard solutions, we are in the unique position to develop layers with a scientific background that are customised to your specific needs. You will therefore be sure to obtain the perfect solution to your surface quality requirements!