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The abbreviation PVD in PVD coatings stands for Physical Vapour Deposition, which is a process where the material is ablated or blasted into a vapour using laser beams, magnetically deflected ions or electrons (sputtering) that bombard the material or by arc discharge (arc process).


Arc vapourisation and sputtering with different materials in the PVD process produces surfaces with outstanding properties and impressive colours. Depending on the composition of the reactive gas, nitrides and carbides or mixtures of the same are produced as layers, which, in addition to a high level of hardness (>2000HV), offer excellent resistance to scratching and wear. 




- Increase in durability

- Reduction of abrasive and adhesive wear

- Improvement of tribological properties

- Potential reduction of use of lubricant




In most application cases, the use of a PVD coating requires upstream heat treatment of your parts.


We are therefore happy to advise you when it comes to selecting the best possible heat treatment, coating type and materials for your applications.