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HALEX uses program-controlled CNC machining centers with a range of stations. Using the program-controlled pallet stations for work piece sizes up to 1100 mm diameter several parallel working horizontal centres can be loaded.


This means a high degree of flexibility: We can fulfil customer requests within a very short time. By automating work processes, unnecessary downtimes caused by machine breakdowns are avoided and production reliability is increased.


The high capacity of the tool magazine in the CNC machining centres and the rapid change between tools allow a high flexibility in the processing and manufacture of extrusion dies - around the clock, seven days a week.


The HALEX locations have fully stocked material storage. So production can begin shortly after the orders already with several numerically controlled saws. Delays due to transport time are eliminated. Our customers benefit directly from this time advantage.


Short distances and high flexibility reduce the turnaround time to a minimum. Through constant optimization and upgrading of our resources, we meet the ever increasing demands of the market in the best way possible.


HALEX has extensive experience in the field of wire and sinking EDM. The expertise and technical know-how are the key success factors of our company.


To ensure that our customers continue to stay one step ahead with our products, we are continuously investing in research and development.


The optimized friction surfaces of HALEX extrusion tools guarantee a trouble-free production process for their later use. That's why only highly qualified employees are entrusted with the finishing. This precise finishing also guarantees long life and extreme reliability of the tools in later use.